White Egret Decaf Coffee

Origin: Peru, La Florida
Certifications: Organic, Fair Trade, Smithsonian Bird-Friendly
Background: Cooperative La Florida was established in 1966 starting with only 50 members. La Florida works to improve the community in many ways. They support local schools by providing pencils, erasers, notebooks and other items. The Cooperative also owns their own tractor and a truck, allowing them to maintain the roads, making sure they are in good condition, making it easier for members to transport coffee with access from their community into town.
Processed: Wet-processed, Mountain-Water decaffeination process
Cupping Notes:  Roasting this a little lighter gives this Mountain Water Processed decaf a little richer body and overall balance than its regular Peru counterpart from the same estate. It is still a lively cup that is not muted in the decaf process. Good, medium bodied decaf.