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Gray's Daily Grind is not only your source for exceptional locally roasted coffees, but it's a destination unto itself. Enjoy our wide variety of beverages against the scenic backdrop of Gray's Mill Pond and take a historic walk back in time at the Mill, which is open to the public to tour. Gray's Grist Mill has been continually grinding for over 360 years!,

Gray’s Grist Mill is technically located in Adamsville, Rhode Island. But its position on the Massachusetts/Rhode Island border (the state line runs directly through the mill pond) means that both states can claim it as a historical treasure. (This was done in 1746-1747).

As with most historical landmarks, the Mill’s history remains shrouded in a bit of mystery. But for history lovers, the conjecture only serves to make it that much more intriguing.

With limited transportation and a reliance on homegrown products, townspeople needed grist mills to grind their grain into usable meal. Since wheat was not well-adapted to New England soil or climate, bread – in the form of “journey cakes” or “jonnycakes” – was commonly made from corn meal. Grist mills provided flour and meal for baking, as well as food for livestock. Often the mills became the center of the towns. Mill ponds were used for recreation, such as ice skating, fishing and swimming. Because of the foot traffic, other businesses generally rose up around the mills.

Just as cornmeal was essential to people then, coffee is essential to people now, so it's a perfect location for Gray's Daily Grind, and a wonderful destination for locals and tourists alike.

To learn more about Gray's Grist Mill, please visit the Mill's website--
or, better yet, stop by in person!